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Tagging Instructions:

CONSIGNING: Consigning is easy! All items need to be entered into our My Consignment Manager software online, tags printed on white cardstock, and pinned to the items. There is a minimum requirement of 25 items (maximum of 300). We ask that if at any time you

change your mind about consigning, you let us know so we can give the space to someone on our waiting list.


PRO CONSIGNOR TIPS: If this is your first time consigning with us, no worries! We’ve got you covered! It may take a few days, and require you to spread out, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy breezy!


What You’ll Need: For clothes, you’ll need: wire hangers, large safety pins, and white cardstock. You may need clear packing tape, ziplock bags, and zip ties if you have shoes, toys, or other misc items.


Check for Quality: Please examine all items, especially clothing, to make sure it is in good working condition with no stains or holes. We examine all items at check in and will not accept items with these issues. Please also double check to make sure that your tags have

printed clearly (bar codes are clearly visible with dark ink and not smudged) and that all information is correct.


Refunds: If one of your items is sold and it turns out the item was defective (hole in clothing, 2 different shoe sizes, puzzle/game missing important pieces, an electronic not working, etc), the full cost of that item will be deducted from your consignor check at the end of the sale. Please keep in mind that all this does is hurt shopper confidence in our sale. We ask that you are very mindful, check all items, and ensure they are in good working condition before consigning. It is ok to donate items or throw some things away that are just not up to par for resale. 


Pricing: Well priced items sell first. Consignment shoppers are bargain hunters. We recommend items be priced at 25-30% of retail value. Our busiest nights are Wednesday and Thursday – make sure your items are priced as the ones that stand out! Any items left on Saturday for our discount day will be sold at 50% if labeled DISCOUNT YES. We highly recommend allowing your item to go half price, since most “non discounted” items do not get a lot of attention on Saturday (again, those Saturday shoppers are major bargain hunters and are out to pay as little as possible.) See the Consignment Mommies image below for helpful pricing guide.


Clothing: For our March sale, we only accept spring and summer clothing. For our September sale, we only accept fall and winter clothing. We accept clothing from preemie to size 16. Due to space limitations, we cannot accept juniors clothing at this time (please

do not size small adult clothing as a size 16). Please use numerical sizing for children’s clothing. We DO accept all seasons of maternity, pajamas, and infant onesies. Clothing should be hung on the hanger with the hanger facing like a question mark. All hanging clothes need to have the tag pinned to the upper right side of the garment.

Shoes: Shoes MUST be placed in a large ziplock bag (Big Lots has 2 gallon bags). You are responsible for making sure your tags are secure. Please know that all shoes will be placed in bins by size. Your tag needs to be secure enough to withstand a lot of movement. 


Toys: Remember that we have lots of excited kiddos that shop at our sale. Please make sure all parts of your toys are secure, especially things with small items. Please place all small pieces to your toy in a ziplock bag and tape to the main part (example – nerf bullets. Make sure there are none IN the gun and all are secure in a bag.) For puzzle boards, you can saran wrap the puzzle pieces in place and then use packing tape to hold it all tightly in place.

Furniture and Misc Items: We ask that all furniture be assembled when dropped off (exception – large bunk bed sets, etc). Please launder all blankets/quilts/comforters and make sure they are in good repair. Small throw blankets can be hung on hangers and pinned to make sure they stay on OR placed in large ziplock bags.

Car Seats: We accept all car seats, boosters, and bases that are within the manufacturer’s expiration window. If there is no expiration date listed, we will only accept the seat if it is less than 5 years old. If there is no sticker, we will not accept the seat. Each seat/base will need a Car Seat Approval Form completed. Remember, all seats must be accident free.

Books, Games, and Movies: Only G and PG-rated movies allowed. No PG-13 or R movies will be accepted. Only video games with the ESRB ratings of Early Childhood, Everyone, and Everyone 10+ will be accepted. Please make sure books are appropriate for all ages.

PRINTING TAGS: You can either print as you go or wait until you are finished and print all at once. Make sure you are logged into when printing - if not, it will ask you for a print code. All tags need to be printed on white cardstock. Please make sure your printer has enough ink, is printing clearly, and the barcodes are not smudged. You can also save the PDF of your tags and email to any office supply store (Office Depot, Staples, etc) for printing.  

DONATING ITEMS: Over the years, we have partnered with several local charitable groups right here in High Point. For many consignors, once they have tagged an item and gotten it out of their house, they don’t want it back. You can feel good about donating items through our sale knowing that the items are going to local children in need. This sale, we will be partnering with Northwood Community Center. Any overflow items will go to Ward Street Mission. Both programs have made such an impact to families right here in our community and we could not do it without the help of your generous donations. 


SALE WEEK: For consignor drop off, we ask that you select a Check In Time so we know when to expect you. This does not mean you have to arrive at a specific time, just that you are planning to come during a specific time frame/day. We will be open to accept items

during sale week on Sunday from 4-7pm, Monday from 9am-12pm and 4-7pm. The tagging software will remain open for tagging until of sale week on Monday at 7pm.

If you do not plan on donating all your remaining items, please bring a large plastic bin to drop off or us to use to return your remaining items (bin only – no lid). We will no longer be accepting small boxes (example – diaper boxes). We will have paper on site for you to label your bin with FULL NAME and CONSIGNOR NUMBER on ALL SIDES of your bin. (Bin Label Form) If you’re not donating all remaining items, be at the church to pick up unsold items between 4:30-5:30 on Saturday. At 5:30, all remaining

items will be donated to local families in need. It is our goal to have checks printed and ready for you BY pickup. Please be understanding if this isn't possible. Anyone can pick up your remaining items; they just need your consignor number. Only YOU, with your valid photo ID, can pick up your check. Sorry, no exceptions. If you are unable to pick up your check that day, we will send it in the mail the Monday after the sale.

COMMUNICATION: We have several ways we use to communicate to help everyone stay connected. Once registered as a consignor, you will receive and email to join our Consignor and Volunteer Facebook group (this is different than our regular business page.) Use this

group to post any questions you may have and our pro consignors or executive team will answer within moments!


You can also add these two email addresses to your contacts to make sure you never miss an email from us: and

JUST REMEMBER - There is a learning curve to consigning. Don’t allow yourself to feel overwhelmed or frustrated. Once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing. Rely on us to help guide you through – we are happy to help!

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