Tagging Your Items



Only use white cardstock and dark ink to print tags. Items with faint print, smeared print, and/or thin tags will not be sold. Wire hangers preferred. Non-wire hangers may be limited due to space.

Tagging Instructions:

Electronic Tags: 

  • Consigning is easy! You earn 66% of the selling price and the remainder will go to Covenant's children's ministries. Plus, no fees at all - not even for a stamp!

  • You set your own price. We suggest that you price items at 1/4 of the original price with brand name items (Gap, Gymboree) in excellent condition selling for closer to 1/3 original price.

  • Tagging is now electronic. Click here for details on using "My Consignment Manager."

  • No items below $2 - Round all prices off to nearest half-dollar.

  • Only spring and summer kids clothing at March sale, infants through size 16 children.

  • Only autumn and winter kids clothing at September sale, infants through size 16 children.

  • All seasons of maternity clothes accepted.

  • All items must be in very good condition, clean, and with all parts working and present. Package items so pieces stay together throughout the sale. 

  • Furniture must be set up at the sale.

  • Car seats must be fewer than 5 years old OR within the manufacturer's expiration date (some dates allowed are longer than five years), AND accident-free. Print and complete Car Seat approval form ahead of time.

  • Use safety pins; no straight pins, please. Zip ties are welcome as needed.

  • Pin tags to clothes on the top right side of clothing. Safety pins may be placed over fine-printed website address line.

  • Place all hanging items on a wire hanger, with hook facing left like a question mark (?).

  • Safety pin skirts, pants or loose items to top of hanger near hook to prevent sliding and twisting of garments. Double pin if item is heavy.

  • Please do not hang items such as bibs, hair ribbons, socks and mittens on hangers. Instead, they should be placed in Ziploc® bags with the tag taped, only on 3 sides, to the front of the bag.

  • Place shoes in a Ziploc® bag OR zip tie together. Tape the tag to the outside of the bag. Bagged shoes will not be opened to try on. Shoppers are welcome to try on zip-tied shoes. Make sure tags are extremely secure. Shoes must be in excellent condition to be accepted.

  • Tape tags (on three sides) on toys, equipment, books, and videos. Include fresh batteries in any electronic item you are selling.

  • Only G and PG-rated movies allowed. No PG-13 or R movies will be accepted.

  • Only video games with the ESRB ratings of Early Childhood, Everyone, and Everyone 10+ will be accepted.

  • Please sort all items by sex and size before drop off.

  • Use numerical sizing rather than small, medium, large. Include Boy or Girl and item descriptions.

  • Consignors are limited to 300 items or fewer.

  • DO NOT BRING any recalled items, drop-sided cribs or items with stains, rips, broken zippers, worn spots, missing buttons/parts, or underwear. They will not be accepted.

  • Undergarments that ARE accepted: underwear, cloth diapers, diapers still in package, dancewear, boys compression shorts, and nursing bras.

  • Check the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website to ensure that none of your items are recalled.

Creating Electronic Tags: 

  • You will log into your My Consignment Manager Account and select "Enter Items".

  • The system will save your work each time so you can do as little or as much as you would like whenever you log in.

  • Tag layout may change from sale-to-sale, but will automatically generate PDFs in required layout.

  • When you are ready to print some or all of your tags, you will select "print tags" to generate a printable PDF. Tags need to be printed on white cardstock #60-67.

  • NO printer paper, tags must be on card stock paper with dark ink.If printed tags are faint, items will not be put out for sale.

  • Don't forget to double-check that your tags are correct.

Items not tagged properly will be refused and you may be denied participation in future sales.

Covenant's Kids Consignment Sale is not responsible for broken, lost or stolen items, switched tags or separated items.

(Revised February 2018)